ASMBLE is the only tool in the industry that brings together groups of creators and influencers, digital marketing experts, and reputation assessment participants to make sure your campaign is a success.

ASMBLE collaboration tools are unique: instant payments to creators, collaborative ideation and content creation between creators on your campaign, synchronized distribution to TikTok, IG, Twitter and other social platforms via top influencer accounts.

Go from idea to in-market
10X faster than any other platform

Recruit and aggregate hundreds of passionate influencers and launch campaigns in DAYS not months.

Business Model
Social Network
Influencer Directory
Gigs List
readily available users
launch in 72 hours
High content quality
Manage campaign in app
4 Cents
40 Cents
40 Cents
40 Cents
8 Cents

A Vibrant Social Network
Not Dormant Directory

Influencers available via ASMBLE are filtered and refined so you can rest easy. Influencers are referred by our HYYP Cartel community, vetted by the community, and then judged on performance and ROI before they ever get to our clients.

Instant payments

Remove the headache of accounts payable for influencers: tap participants, pay in cash or tokens, and decide whether payments are public or private.

Encourage ‘Collabetition’

With the culture of a social network and transparent cash bonuses, influencers and HYYP Cartel participants rush to emulate or one-up the behaviors that are getting rewarded.

Run your entire campaign from your phone

Manage legal, briefings, payments, and communications at the same time, in the same place.

VIRALITY ON DEMAND: With ASMBLE, your brand leverages a private community to manage hundreds of influencers and HYYP Cartel members to quickly approve content for your influencer campaigns. Influencers take approved content from within your private ASMBLE community and promote it via TikTok, Instagram, or elsewhere on the social web, where these influencers have large audiences and command high audience trust. HYYP Cartel members run performance analysis, referral opportunities, content creation, and other in-stream amplification options on demand.

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