ASMBLE was founded to put agency and control back in the hands of reputable brands, reputable creators, and energetic early adopters.

ASMBLE spent over a year in stealth, testing unique Community Marketing features with creators and influencers with large followings on social channels like Twitter, IG, and TikTok. Our goal is to create features that facilitate creator/influencer collaboration and facilitate a more social or gamified kind of project management.

Millennials and Gen Z demand instant payments and a more social format for marketing projects, while brands and projects need to see more collaboration and less overhead when herding marketing partners and influencers. ASMBLE integrates instant cash and crypto payments, while facilitating every aspect of marketing campaigns from campaign ideation to content approval, synchronization, and distribution via popular social media accounts.

ASMBLE is on a mission to help its members gauge the reputation and performance outcomes of influencers and marketing partners hired in the platform, something that is not currently possible on any other platform.

ASMBLE has partnered with HYYP Cartel to admit HYYP Cartel NFT holders who earn cash rewards for engaging in team building, participating in games, or conducting marketing work. These paid opportunities are undertaken by NFT holders 1) on behalf of the HYYP Cartel NFT Collection, increasing the collection value, or 2) on behalf of approved corporate partners looking to connect with vetted marketers and influencers within the app who have been reviewed or referred by NFT holders.

Think of NFT holders and their Delegates on ASMBLE as a braintrust of talented, project-obsessed creators that we can all depend on as a community to address any kind of creative, marketing, or community building challenge.

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